Bruno super 100

The Bruno Super 100 is an amp that was built because of the constant demand from loyal Bruno clients. Tony got many requests from guitarists who were looking for a channel switching amp that had rich warm clean tones and creamy smooth overdrive but were unable to find it. These players wanted an amp that delivered the type of tone made famous by Robben, Stevie, Larry, Eric and several other great guitarists. Many were not satisfied with the tonal quality of new point to point wired or circuit board channel switching amps that tried to reproduce this highly sought after tone. While a few of these amps supplied a taste of the Magic tone - Players yearned for a new amp that really nailed or improved upon that time honored sound.

The Bruno Super 100 is the amp these Guitarists have been waiting for. It was designed by Tony to be the finest sounding channel switching amp in the world. In the design process no stone was left unturned in the pursuit of the ultimate tone. Tony built more than 13 prototypes, with several revisions each, until he was finally satisfied with the results. This is an amp that truly must be heard. There are no compromises made in the building of a Bruno Super 100 to make fabrication quicker or easier at the expense of Tone. Each amp takes Tony almost 2 weeks to build and test - a length of time few amp designers are willing to invest. The details of a Super 100 include: Amp is completely point to point hand wired and tested by Tony Bruno; distinct power tube specific circuit design; components and custom transformers for the EL34 and 6L6 models allow for tonal balancing to optimize each type power tubes strengths and weaknesses; the finest components including hi-end and NOS caps and resistors; mechanical relays with their own dedicated transformer; multi-pin 2 way foot switch for clean or lead channel boost and clean/lead channel switching and tonal voicing, gain, touch sensitivity, harmonics, etc. adjusted by Tony. 

Clean Channel - The Bruno Super 100 is a 100 watt amp and it feels powerful but in a very refined way. It has tons of clean headroom, is very transparent and sounds amazing with electric, acoustic and archtop guitars. Tone-wise, the Bruno Super 100 has a really beautiful clean sound with a very clear, bell-like tone that seems to get even better if you turn down or pick more lightly. You could really get lost in this tone which is rich, warm, harmonically complex and very fat. It also has amazing touch sensitivity, note articulation and dynamic response. This amp sounds fast and seems to reproduce every nuance and detail of the pick and fingers against the strings with clarity and accuracy that is very immediate. If you crank the gain, creamy smooth overdrive blends with the stellar clean tone to give you that highly sought after harmonically saturated mix of both. Clicking in the channel boost pushes the gain of the clean channel and produces a range of tones from rich fat clean with edge to medium sweet overdrive. 

Lead Channel - The real deal - Creamy smooth overdrive - It has that feeling of an amp "on the edge" so that it very easily will pick up a note and give you that infinite harmonic sustain. The overdrive on this amp is very smooth and silky with sweet sustain that is very rich and buttery, while still retaining amazing touch sensitivity and dynamic feel. Overdrive is adjustable over a wide range of gain, from slight overtones to harmonically engorged and compressed tones, and the Super 100 never looses it's tightness or focus. The channel boost makes the overdrive tones even bigger and fatter.

20TH Century Guitar Magazine Said "Clicking into the lead channel brings you into overdrive heaven. Gobs of gain are at you command...the amazing sweet sound of the Super 100s lead channel is really one of the best this pair of ears has ever heard."

The Super 100 features 100 watts of Quad EL34 or 6L6 power, 3 - 12AX7s, and a solid state rectifier. The cabinet is constructed of solid pine and finger-jointed construction is used just like the finest furniture which provides a very strong, extremely rigid, cabinet that will last a lifetime. Other features include premium tolex coverings, padded handles, heavy duty feet, stainless steel screws/bolts and chromed steel corners. The standard finish is Black with an Art Deco style control panel and aged Ivory "chicken head" knobs. Optional custom colors, two tone colors, and select hand finished solid hardwood cabinets by custom order - call or email for the price of these options.

Brand: Bruno Amps

Model: Super 100 (Distinct 6L6 and EL34 models)

Watt: 100

Rectifier: Solid State

Front panel: Volume (clean), Bright Switch, Mid Switch, Bass Switch, Treble, Middle, Bass, Gain (lead), Level (lead) Master (Volume), Presence, Power, Standby and Ground Switches

Back panel: Impedance Selector 4 & 8 ohm, Speaker Output, Preamp Out / Poweramp In, Multipin Footswitch Jack, Lead and Boost Switches, Main & HT Fuses, Hard Wired AC Power Cord

Class type: AB

Number of Channels: 2 with Foot Switchable Boost On Both

Master volume: Yes

Power Tubes: Distinct 6L6 or EL34 Models (Optional - The Finest Rare New Old Stock Power Tubes)

Number of Power tubes: 4

Preamp Tubes: 12AX7 (Optional - The Finest Rare New Old Stock Preamp Tubes)

Number of Preamp tubes: 3

Circuit Type: Point To Point Hand Wired By Tony Bruno Using Hi-end & Rare New Old Stock Resistors And The Finest Quality Components

Effect loop: Pre Amp Out - Power Amp In (For use with external tube buffered effect loop)

Half power switch: Optional

Cabinet Type: Head

Cab Color: Black Standard - Various Colors, Two Tones And Select Hand Finished Solid Hardwood Cabinets By Custom Order - call or email for price

Sales Price: Our price is the same as the price listed on Bruno Amps website for the amp and any options

Rental Price: $125 Per Day or $500 Per Week