Here we have collected some kind words from our clients.

“Doing business with Ultrasound was an extreme pleasure. The staff was knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Even after the sale, the staff was always kind and available to any questions one might have about their new purchase. My experience with Ultrasound was extraordinary to say the least, and will be returning for any and all guitar amplifier necessities. One of the coolest parts about my experience at Ultrasound was the ability to try out any and every amplifier known to man. From Bruno to Diezel to Dr. Z, anyone can find their measure of sonic excellence in guitar amplifiers at Ultrasound.” 
Vin Mistretta 

“Ultrasound is unique in their levels of expertise, perspective, and service. It's not just a place to purchase an amp; it's a place to really get to know an amp and make a lasting friend. It's a retail model that you don't see much anymore. Ken Volpe is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He always impresses me with how he knows his stuff and his ability to help me make wise decisions. I trust him and listen to him!” 
Bill Wilkie 

“I'd used the rehearsal rooms at Ultrasound many times over the years so I was pretty familiar with the building and what was available. It wasn't till I met Ken Volpe that I really developed an appreciation for the place. Being a large well-equipped bustling facility in the heart of NYC it's not unusual to bump into big name acts and headliners doing their thing. So, time being money I was really quite surprised and pleased with the amount of time and space Ken provided for to me relax and audition a boutique guitar amp I was interested in. Ken was the perfect consultant and over the course of many weeks, stayed in touch with me to make sure the decision was the right one. Now, when I have to make an important gear purchase I call Ultrasound. Thanks, Ken.” 
John McEvilley 

“I needed to get a serious amp for my new gig as guitarist for Saturday Night Live. I went to Ultrasound to check out their phenomenal selection. Besides amazing amps, I found some of the most knowledgeable and helpful people I have ever met- Ken and Gene. They took me through every aspect of the amps I was interested in and help me make the perfect choice. Even after my amp was purchased, they have continued to be there with support any time I have needed them.” 
Jared Scharff, guitarist for Saturday Night Live 

“Since the first day that I happened to stumble on to Ultrasound, they have been like family. I have purchased amps from many different vendors from large chains to "Boutique" shops. All those other guys are just trying to make their sales quotas. Gene and Ken actually do not want you to buy an amp that you will not be satisfied with. No one else in the NY City area has close to the quality of amps that Ultrasound has. No one. They have 2k amps all the way to 50k+ amps right there in the studio! What's more you can come down to studio and try any amp side by side to gauge what you want at you own pace with no sales pressure at all. I cannot stress enough how great these guys are. I will never buy an amp any place else as long as these guys are around.” 
Stephane Touya 

“Want the ultimate experience in purchasing a high end boutique amp? Ultrasound is the place to be. Gene and Ken are some of the most knowledgeable amp dealers around. You won't find a better place to buy your next tone machine!” 
Matt O’Ree 

“Ultrasound: If you're the kind of person who likes doing your amp list homework, then conducting a head to head shootout, you should give Ultrasound a try. I've been back twice to buy amps, after getting tired of hit or miss music stores. Ken Volpe. Is a knowledgeable, friendly guy, who has gone the extra "after hours" mile for me with service help and information.” 
Joe Defeo 

“Gene Sinigalliano is a name worth remembering. He is part of the crew at Ultrasound Amp Sales in NYC. If you’ve never paid a visit to Ultrasound get busy and get your butt down there! The place is stock piled high with some of the world’s best amps. I was mesmerized by the varieties that are in the Ultra Studio. That’s a place where you can go for an hour or two and demo amps to your heart’s content. I’ve never seen a room like this before and don’t think I will anywhere else. Now back to Gene. This guy is a walking and talking amp encyclopedia. Anything that you want to know about an amp, ask Gene or Ken. (I hear he’s the other amp expert there at Ultra.) After spending over an hour with him I knew how to find the amp that would give me the sound that’s been elusive to me for years now. I was barking up the wrong amp tree, so to speak. It’s these hand-wired amps that give you the real deal. Totally worth the monies for these amazing amps. They always say, “You get what you pay for,” and that includes the world of boutique amps.” 
Danny Martin 

“I’ve had an excellent experience in purchasing multiple Guitar amps through Ken Volpe at Ultrasound Amp Sales. Ken is an extremely knowledgeable tone connoisseur and guitarist. His recommendations and follow up are impeccable.” 
Jeff Frankel, guitarist/producer - Jeff Frankel Recording, Chicago 

“I have purchased many amps over the years from Ultrasound in NYC have received great service from Gene and Ken. Those guys really know their amps like nobody else in the amp biz. The packing was always top notch and the transactions were smooth as can be. Having bought hundreds of amps over the years, including many gems from Ultrasound, I can honestly say that I have never had a better amp buying experience. Gene and Ken have always provided great service and I could not be happier.” 
Steve Snider 

“Ultrasound Amp Sales made the purchase of my custom Matchless amp a breeze. You've come to the right place if you want to buy your boutique amplifier from people that have a clue!” 
Robert L. Smith 

“Regarding Ultrasound Amp Sales: Gene and Ken are without a doubt the most sincere, honest, knowledgeable guys you will ever come across in the guitar and amp industry - they maintain a business code of ethics that every industry in the world should emulate. I've bought 5 or 6 amps from Ultrasound and I've always been treated as if I was Carlos Santana himself. No pressure, no hassles, no attitude - just the best experience I've ever had every time. They know tone and they KNOW amps. You want cool amps they'll bring ‘em, you want amps with mojo, watch out, and get out of their way, because they will be marching them in to you. And if they determine that all you really need is a Crate Powerblock, they will politely give you directions to either Guitar Center on 14th Street, or Manny's Music on 48th - no problem. They will go miles out of their way to help you pick out an amp (or amps) that works for you. You'll be wantin' to reserve THE ULTRA ROOM when you go. Where else in the world can you go to purchase an amp, and have the sales team say, Turn it up louder so it can breathe? I love these guys, I trust them (and their ears), and I would let them baby-sit all of my kids (and I have six) - just a fantastic business. Three cheers for Ultrasound.” 
Tom Costigan 

“Start to finish my Ultrasound experience was awesome. Those guys sure know their amps! I was able to contact Ken Volpe at any hour of the day it seemed and he was also courteous, professional and was able to answer all my questions. (And I asked a lot of questions!) His knowledge of amps and his ability to share this knowledge really gave me an education. From this I was able to get the exact amp that I wanted. I’ll certainly be a repeat customer!” 
John Surrato 

“While searching on the Internet for amp information, I came across the website for Ultrasound amps in New York City. I was very intrigued by the range of amps they offered; some of them I had never even heard of. I called and spoke to a cool cat named Ken who explained to me their policy of coming in and trying out as many amps as I wanted to in a soundproof amp room. Sounded like nirvana to me so I made an appointment and was in NYC by the following week ready to visit with the amp Gods. The room was a guitar players dream, filled with wall-to-wall amps. Seriously dude, I wanted to move in! The choices were a bit overwhelming but after testing out all the amps, I was able to narrow down my top 3 choices. From there Ken guided me through the elimination process based on what I was looking for in an amp. Ken’s ability to interpret my wants and needs were totally right on. (The guy’s like a mind reader.) Needless to say, I walked away with the most amazing amp and I swear that my guitar playing sounds better than ever!” 
Duncan Blackburn 

“Ultra Sound in my book is the only place to purchase a high-end amplifier. Seriously, don’t even waste your time looking anywhere else. Between the knowledge, service, and selection all your bases are covered to getting an amazing amp.” 
Harry Tuscan 

“Thanks Ken Volpe! I’m not sure I would have made the trip down to the City on a busy Friday afternoon to check out any amp. I had heard so much about Tony Bruno’s amps; I called Ken at Ultrasound to schedule a time to check out the Cowtipper 35. At Ken’s suggestion, I met him at his house at a time convenient to me where I got the chance to play through some great boutique amps two of which were Brunos. The Cowtipper was his personal amp Tony had built him, but I liked it so much, Ken was willing to part with it. Ken also arranged for Tony to ship me a different speaker since I wanted an additional option. I brought the amp home on Saturday and had the new speaker on Tuesday. Since then, The Cowtipper has become my #1 amp and any tech questions are answered the same day. They care about my tone!” 
John Lekas 

“I became interested in Bruno amps after reading about them on The Gear Page. I called Ultrasound and, after talking with Ken Volpe, ordered a Cowtipper 22 head and speaker cabinet. After I placed the order, Ken called and said a CT22 that had been used for a magazine review was available immediately. He was careful to give me all the details I'd want when considering a slightly used amp. I jumped on the deal and soon received my CT22. I could not be happier with both the Bruno and with the service I received from Ken and Ultrasound. My only regret is I haven't yet made it to NYC to check them and their equipment out in person.” 
Joan Bull 

“I called up the good folks at Ultrasound a few months back when I was on my "quest for the ultimate tone". Now we all know that amps are one of the biggest steps when it comes to achieving that tone. I knew, based on what others have told me, and past conversations with Ken and Gene that these guys meant serious business when it came to amps, so I started communicating with them more and more over the months, until we all finally settled down on an amp that we felt would suit me and my needs well enough. That amp was the Bruno Underground 30 head w/reverb. Along with it I got the best 4x12 cab I've ever played. The Bruno 4x12. The lengths to which these two men went to ensure that I was happy with everything were amazing! I came from Toronto to pickup/try out this amp in specific (along with a Komet Concorde), and both the amps and the service blew me away. Both Ken and Gene are true gentlemen, and took a good two hours (or more) off to sit down with me, play it, dial it in how I wanted, and explain it all to me. I not only got to play the UG 30 and Komet, but several other amps that people only dream about. That was about 6 months back, and needless to say I'm already planning my second purchase from them (The Komet). Ultrasound really is THE place to go when you're looking for that "tone in your head" and the "ultimate tone". These guys have been in the business for years, and haven't earned their reputation over night. Keep up the good work, guys!” 
Marko Mijailovic 

“Ultrasound amps offer the best sales advice; amps set up and follow up care. They made sure my amps were properly biased and delivered without a problem. I don't like to take any chances with important things such as my tone.” 
Bill Mc Donald 

“I have to say you were right! The UG 30 is one amazing tone machine. Tony has definitely nailed the sweet tones that few can produce. I am finally able to get that, dare I say "the tone you hear in your head.” I have been through a bunch of boutique amps, and NONE have the feel and tone that you helped me to find. Thanks again to the guys at Ultrasound for the unbiased service and making everything perfect.” 
Brad Rhylick 

Ultra Sound is a heavans place on earth, say no more!
For you that have never been to Ultrasound, I must tell you THIS IS TONE HEAVEN! Gene got all amps you can think of, stacked under the same roof. 
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