Cornford Harlequin

The idea behind the Harlequin is to produce something that captures the rich, classic tones of amps from the past, while having the flexibility demanded by the modern player. The Harlequin was designed to be used in the studio, where it records superbly, and for home use to get a proper tone in a living room environment. It has become something of a classic in its six years of production and is used for a lot of the demos for Guitarist magazine

The Harlequin was designed to be used in the studio or at home, allowing you to produce a pro power amp tone without making your ears bleed. Everyone involved in the company are guitarists and their amps are designed by ear, not oscilloscopes. They have always thought that guitarists have a better ear for great sounds than the archetypical electronics engineer. This approach has given them what many feel is a benchmark tone. And at just 6 Watts you can drive the output stage really hard. 

The pre and post volume controls, Voice switch and sensibly calibrated two-band EQ makes it far more than a one-sound amp. Whatever degree of gain vs. headroom you dial in, the Voice switch lets you toggle between a sharp, Fendery, cutting tonality and a warmer, more bottomy, mid-punchy Marshall-style voice. It's an incredibly useful little addition, and really justifies any 'two amps in one'-style claims the builders might make. 

Crank the Harleguin's master up past 7, wind Volume toward 8 or 9 and this little baby belts out an impressive impersonation of a vintage valve amp floored to max, but at comfortably less than foundation-demolishing sound levels. This is where the combo impresses most. Tones in the raw rock and hot blues arena are universally juicy, fat, and surprisingly full-bodied. The amp loves a Les Paul at these settings, and is easily coaxed into singing sustain and musical feed back. Pick up a Strat, and you stride easily across the border into hot Texas blues territory. Keep the Volume up but back off the Master and tactile, stinging lead tones remain on tap but at something closer to bedroom levels. Cool, and useful for the bedsit-bound home recordists among us.

Play with the Harlequin a while and you're certain to locate your own sweet spot - and for lovers of hot rock or blues lead tones eager to achieve stack-like bite, attack and sustain at significantly more ear-friendly levels, it's a godsend.

Brand: Cornford

Model: Harlequin

Watt: 6

Front panel: 2 x inputs (hi and lo). Volume,which simultaneously controls first and second gain stages (tandem pot), Treble, Bass, Master Volume and voice switch which alters the frequency range over which the tone controls operate.

Back panel: Extension Speaker Jack

Class type: A

Number of Channels: 1

Master volume: Yes

Power Tubes: EL84

Number of Power tubes: 1

Preamp Tubes: 12AX7

Number of Preamp tubes: 2

Circuit Type: P-T-P

Cabinet Type: 1X12 Combo

Speakers: Celestion Vintage 30

Cab Color: Custom-made ox-blood tolex

Grill cloth option: Metal

Measurements: 600mm x 450mm x 250mm

Sales Price: List: $1,599 - Call For Our Best Price