Cornford HellCat

The Hellcat is a hand wired boutique amp that pushes the very boundaries of point to point wiring to their limit. Cornford has designed a masterpiece with the choice of Modern and Vintage channels which gives you the option of the best vintage, warm, driven tones or the best modern metal, rock, and blues tones. Channel 2 takes you to every point on the vintage amp scale with just a turn of the gain control. There are lush, rich clean tones with shimmering detail at one end and thick harmonically complex overdrive at the other. Channel 1 takes you to a place that few other boutique amps have dared - Metal and all points in between. The Hellcat does it all in that very special Cornford way. None more brown and most definitely the tone by which all others must be judged. The Hellcat is the most awesome thing you could ever wish to plug your guitar into.

Like all it's siblings, the Cornford Hellcat produces the finest tone available to guitarists. But the Hellcat also has amazing versatility. The two channels with individual voicing offer such variety when used with your volume and tone controls that you can go from Jazz to Rock, Country to Heavy Metal and much more. Included with the amp is a dual Footswitch for channel selection and reverb on/off function. 

35 watt all Valve Head, 2 Channel with shared EQ, 4 x EL34 & 5 x 12AX7 Valves, Point to Point Hand Wired Construction, Front panel from left to right:- Gain Modern Channel 1, Gain Vintage Channel 2, Bass, Middle, Treble, Master 1, Master 2, Reverb. Modern channel 1: Higher gain channel. Vintage channel 2: Lower gain channel.

Brand: Cornford

Model: Hellcat

Watt: 35

Front panel: HI & LO Inputs, Gain Modern Channel 1, Gain Vintage Channel 2, Bass, Middle, Treble, Master 1, Master 2, Reverb, Standby & Mains.

Back panel: Power Input, Mains and HTFuses, Impedance Selector (4, 8 & 16 Ohms), 2 Speaker Outs, Valve Powered Series Effect Loop Send and Return Jacks, Footswitch Jack

Class type: A

Number of Channels: 2 (Foot Switchable), Channel 1 Modern, Channel 2 Vintage

Master volume: Independent Master Volume For Each Channel

Power Tubes: EL84

Number of Power tubes: 4

Preamp Tubes: 12AX7

Number of Preamp tubes: 5

Circuit Type: P-T-P

Reverb: Valve driven

Effect loop: Valve Powered Series Effect Loop

Cabinet Type: Head

Cab Color: Custom-made ox-blood tolex with black metal front and back

Sales Price: List: $3,499 - Call For Our Best Price