Cornford Hurricane

The idea behind the Hurricane is to produce something that captures the rich, classic tones of amps from the past, whilst having the flexibility demanded by the modern player. All this without the incredibly high price tag normally associated with products of this quality. Cornfords are hand built and will last a lifetime by employing traditional construction methods and using only the highest quality components. Cornford uses no PCBs of any sort and all their amps are totally hand wired throughout. The reason Cornford designed and built the Hurricane was purely because so many Cornford players asked them to. There seems to be so much interest in 20 watt'ish vintage valve amps that can be really cranked to get that sweet on the edge tone, at club volume levels, that they had to make their own. The one thing that they have added over those lovely vintage amps is a huge dollop of Cornford dirt (should you want it!), and if you don't want to revel in that creamy filth, its got a tonne of clean head room plus that lovely valve powered reverb. Like its baby brother, Harlequin, the one that lives in the studio, you can really drive the output stage hard but this time you can gig it.

Plugged in and revved up, the Hurricane's tone don't take very long to dial in. Like the better boutique amps, the Cornford has its own distinctive tone that's characterised by dark, chocolate brown distortion with just the right amount of edge to make you want to grab a note and hang onto it forever. Clever and careful tuning of the gain spread means you can use low preamp and high master volume levels for a sweet, chiming clean tone, or wind up the gain for some of that magnificent Cornford filth, without having to revisit the tone controls. Despite its 20 watt rating, there's enough clean headroom to cope with a fairly polite drummer, and thanks in part to the high sensitivity Vintage 30, when you push up the Hurricane's master it's loud - almost indecently so. There isn't a great deal of variation from EQ, again something many boutique amps have in common. The reverb is one of the best we've ever heard: rich, deep and plummy, without ever going into mush. But if you need more effects, there's a top panel-mounted send and return loop and alongside the hi and lo inputs.

Brand: Cornford

Model: Hurricane

Watt: 20

Front panel: 2 x inputs (hi and lo), Gain (which simultaneously controls first and second gain stages by tandem pot), Treble, Middle, Bass, Master Volume, Reverb, Power Switch

Back panel: Reverb Footswitch Jack, 4 & 8 Ohm Speaker Outs

Class type: A

Number of Channels: 1

Master volume: Yes

Power Tubes: EL84

Number of Power tubes: 2

Preamp Tubes: 12AX7

Number of Preamp tubes: 4

Circuit Type: P-T-P

Reverb: Foot Switchable Reverb

Effect loop: Series Effects Loop

Cabinet Type: 1X12 Combo

Speakers: Celestion Vintage 30

Cab Color: Custom-made ox-blood tolex

Grill cloth option: Metal

Measurements: 600mm x 450mm x 250mm

Sales Price: List: $2,499 - Call For Our Best Price