Deizel VH4S

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The VH4S is a 4-power tube (2 tubes per power amp) stereo guitar amplifier head. It features 4 channels, for 4 distinctly different guitar sounds. It's sound is best described as High Definition/High gain/Tight. A magnificent recording amplifier, but also at home on the worlds biggest arena stages. 

Channel one produces a sparkly clean sound, and can offer very slight crunch when the gain control gets pushed to the limit. Channel two takes over where channel one leaves off, although with a very different voice. The range of this channel can best be described as going from a husky vintage clean to wide and dimensional crunch ala AC/DC. A blues player would find himself right at home in this environment. Channel three takes over with medium to high gain authority. A very dynamic channel, this is the sound that quickly became the new standard for modern rock and alternative rock. Seasoned players will enjoy it's flexibility towards guitar volume and pick attack, recording engineers love it for it's tight and defined distortion and musicality. Bright but not piercing, heavy bass that is not flabby. Channel four takes the cake when it comes to gain, gain and more gain. A naturally compressed sound, nice for solo play or metal riffs alike. A high gain orgy with surprisingly low idle noise.

Master section is comprised of 2 rows of Volume, mix, presence and deep controls. Mix controls an effects chain that is looped to the parallel return of the master effects section. Presence controls global brightness of the amp, while deep controls the low end of the power amp
Channel inserts allow individual send/return jacks to connect to channel specific effects. Preferably stomp boxes, or guitar level devices. Midi capability allows midi switching of effects. 
Master effects loops provide sends one and two, serial and parallel returns A and B laid out in stereo. Send one is a constant line level send, while send two is switch-able.

Power tube selection: 4ea. EL34, 6L6, 5881, 6550, KT66, KT88, etc. No 6V6, No EL84. Pre-amp tube selection: 9ea 12AX7 in all positions. Tube fault fuse and indicator on reverse panel, biasing provision on circuit board. 128 program midi control, 16 channel capability. Midi controllable channel switching, insert switching, mute, send 2 on/off. Power output 50W to 80 W per side, depending on tube equipment, appr. 60W per side with EL34B-STR.

Brand: Diezel

Model: VH4-S

Watt: 50 To 80 for each Stereo output depending on type of power tube (100 to 160 total)

Rectifier: Solid State

Front panel: Input & Thru Jacks, Independent Controls for 4 Channels - (Bright Switch on 1&2, Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass) - Global Stereo Master Volume, Parallel Loop Mix, Presence, Deep Control, Channel Buttons, Function Buttons, Power & Standby Switches

Back panel: Multiple Speaker Outputs (4, 8 & 16 ohm), Midi In, Midi Thru, Parallel and Series Effect Loops, 4 Channel Inserts, Independent Fuses and Tube Fault Lights For Each Power Tube, Power Cable Recepticle and Main Fuses

Class type: AB

Number of Channels: 4 Midi Switchable Channels (Each With Fully Independent EQ, Voicing, Gain & Channel Master Volume)

Master volume: Global Stereo Master Volumes & Independent Channel Master Volumes For Each Of The 4 Channels

Power Tubes: 6L6 or EL34 (Optional - 5881, 6550, KT66 & KT88)

Number of Power tubes: 4

Preamp Tubes: 12AX7

Number of Preamp tubes: 9

Circuit Type: Combination P-T-P and PCP (All inputs, outputs, controls and power tube sockets are chassis mounted and individually point to point wired to main component PCB board)

Effect loop: Stereo Global Parallel and Series (Global effects loops provide sends one and two, serial and parallel returns A & B (Stereo). Send one is a constant line level send, while send two is switch-able).

Cabinet Type: Head

Cab Color: Black

Sales Price: $4,799

Rental Price: $125 Per Day or $500 Per Wee