Divided by 13 RDT 200

The RDT 200 is one of our two new bass amplifiers. I made these amps to be more suited for what i call "bass guitar" players rather than "electric bass" players - guys that may also play with a pick and need the amp to be a little more "urgent" and with a little more "hair" and "distortion", and that like to be more dynamic and expressive, players like:

  • Paul McCartney
  • Noel Redding
  • Jack Bruce
  • Trevor Bolder
  • Bill Wyman
  • John Entwistle
  • Justin Meldal Johnsen
  • John Wenton
  • Chris Squire

Both the RDT 200 and the FTR 100 are 2 channel amps where both channels can be played individually or together for a "blend" (via the "Switchazel" A/B, A+B box). One channel is voiced like our favorite 4 input "Super" amp from England and the other channel is voiced like our favorite 100 watt "Piggyback" amp from Fullerton.

The 200 is powered by (4) KT88s, and the 100 is powered by (4) EL34s. Preamp is 12AX7s throughout. And each channel features volume, treble, middle & bass.

"Bringing back some of the most popular sounds ever recorded from the greatest songs ever written."


  • 200 Watts
  • 2 Discreet Channels
  • CH 1: V, T, M, B
  • CH 2: V, T, M, B
  • Tube Rectified (5AR4/GZ34)
  • Power Section: 4 x KT88
  • Preamp: 12AX7
  • 4, 8, 16 Ohm output


  • Lg Head: 27.25W x 11.25H x 8D, 55Lbs.