Matchless Spitfire

The Spitfire is back! Similar to the Lightning 15, the Spitfire keeps it sweet and simple. It is powered by two EL84s, 12AX7s for tone, a phase inverter and a 5AR4 for the rectifier. The Spitfire comes in a lightweight, compact cabinet, but still packs the same punch you’ve come to expect from Matchless. Like all Matchless amplifiers, the Spitfire is still hand made, point to point wired and tough as nails. User controls: Volume, Tone, and Master Volume.

Class A refers to a high performance style of circuitry used in vacuum tube audio devices to extract maximum efficiency from power tubes. A constant high voltage signal is sent through the power stage without the forced negative feedback (or "cool down cycle") inherent in the Class A/B design. Matchless amplifiers rely on superior design, construction and components to manage the power of true Class A operation. Matchless Class A amplifiers provide an "alive" response, true tone, rich harmonics and smooth transition into distortion. 

If you are looking for circuit boards in a Matchless amplifier, you won't find them. Matchless amplifiers are point-to-point wired, using military-spec components and hand wound transformers, without circuit boards of any kind. While these construction methods are more difficult and expensive than others, they are necessary to achieve the incomparable sound quality, reliability and ruggedness of a MATCHLESS.

Brand: Matchless Amplifiers

Model: Spitfire

Watt: 15

Rectifier: GZ34 (5AR4)

Front panel: Volume, Tone, Master Volume

Back panel: 4 and 8 Ohm Speaker Outputs

Class type: A

Number of Channels: 1

Master volume: Yes

Power Tubes: EL84

Number of Power tubes: 2

Preamp Tubes: 12AX7

Number of Preamp tubes: 2 For Amp and 2 For Optional Reverb

Circuit Type: P-T-P

Reverb: Optional

Cabinet Type: 1X12 Combo, 2X12 Combo

Speakers: Matchless Modified Celestion Speakers

Cab Color: Black (Other Solid and Two Tone Colors Optional - Call For Prices)

Sales Price: List: 1X12 Combo - Non Reverb $1,909 or Reverb $2,172; 2X12 Combo - Non Reverb $2,119 or Reverb $2,384. ( Call For Our Best Price )

Rental Price: Head - $125 Per Day or $500 Per Week, Combo - $150 Per Day or $600 Per Week