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Maven Peal tuskadero

The Tuskadaro 1->50 is a lighter version of Maven Peal's Ganesha 1->100 watt head with one set of power tubes and no FX loop. The Tuskadaro has a signal path similar to a jumpered plexi with two volume knobs, bass, mid, treble and presence alongside Maven Peal's Wattage and Sag control. 
Wattage control allows you to continuously adjust the actual number of watts the amp is producing, from one to 50 to watts. Wattage control is not a master volume control or any other preamp gimmick-but actual control over the power amp. 

Sag control allows you to adjust voltage sag, or power amp distortion. Lower amounts of sag give the amp a harder feel and brighter sound, while higher amounts of sag fatten up the sound and make the amp very touch responsive. The combination of the Sag and Wattage controls allows you to overdrive the power amp at whatever volume is appropriate for the venue you are in. "Not all players need the flexibility of having two sets of power tubes flavors on tap, and large majority don't use FX loops. The Tusk is a natural evolution from the very large, very loud-but also very quiet Ganesha," explains Dave Zimmerman, Maven Peal president. "As the name implies, the Tusk in essence is the most valuable part of the beast not only tone-wise, but with BiaSmart and an array of power tube flavor options.

The Sag Circuit, Maven Peal's patented power supply design, completely eliminates annoying power supply hum, reduces bleed-through during recording and regulates the wall voltage.
BiaSmart allows you to measure and adjust the bias (idling) current in each individual output tube from the back panel, in minutes, without taking the amp apart. Because you're in control of the power amp, you can easily dial-in how much power tube flavor you need via the Sag knob. 
The Tuskadaro also offers four new switches: treble boost for both volume knobs, along with preamp boost and power amp boost. Outputs include 16, 8 and 4 ohm speaker and line-out outputs.
The Tuskadaro is made with audiophile quality components, two premium matched JJ/Tesla E34L output tubes and three Sovtek 12AX7LP preamp tubes. 

The Tuskadaro 1-50 watt plexi style head comes with El34 & 12ax7 tubes, and has a host of important useful features that any player would appreciate. Especially the adjustable wattage control, self biasing feature, preamp boost, power amp boost.... If you can only own one amp, this would be a great choice because of the wide variety of tones it can produce and the adjustable wattage and Sag controls allow you to get that wonderful output tube distortion at living room playing levels. It accepts different types of output tubes to change the color of the tone and includes a tube biasing system to make that job a snap. It has a multitude of tone controls and boost switches, with the end result of being the one of the most versitile guitar amps ever made. 

It is patterned after a vintage Marshall Plexi and does that exceedingly well. The Marshall was patterned after a Fender Bassman and with a simple tube change and rebias, you can go to Fender land. This amp provides that same amazing tone at any volume level you want with just the twist of a dial or two. You can adjust the output volume of this amp to fit any venue with out adversely affecting the tone and that is a great feature! This amp delivers everything from Jazz, blues, Rock, country and the sound is spectacular to say the least. This amp is all about TONE AND FEEL!

Brand: Maven Peal

Model: Tuskadaro

Watt: 1 to 50 True Variable Watts

Rectifier: Maven Peal Sag Control - Variable

Front panel: Two volume knobs, bass, mid, treble and presence, Maven Peal's Wattage and Sag control.

Class type: AB with BiaSmart

Number of Channels: 1

Master volume: No

Power Tubes: EL34 Standard (You may also use 6L6, 5881, KT66 and most other octal tubes in any combination)

Number of Power tubes: 2

Preamp Tubes: 12AX7

Number of Preamp tubes: 3

Circuit Type: P-T-P

Built in Power attenuator: No - Amp Has Maven Peal True Variable Wattage Control (1 to 50 watts)

Cabinet Type: Head

Cab Color: Black

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