Maven Peal Zetta Gold

With the Maven Peal power supply in the Zeeta, the amp offers a range of true wattage control. At 0.5 watts, your amp is actually producing 0.5 watts; at 20 watts, your amp is actually producing 20 watts, safely, consistently and completely noise free. But what really makes Maven Peal's power supply unique is that it allows the actual "touch" or "attack" response of the guitar/bass strings. The traditional power supply currently used by most manufacturers is simply incapable of offering this level of control. 

The Zeeta went head to head against five boutique amps in Guitar Player Magazine and not only received the highest overall rating for Tone, Workmanship, Features, Vibe and Value, but the coveted "Editor's Pick Award" as well. 

"Maven Peal Zeeta Guitar Player Review" 
The Zeeta ($3,950, with flight case) uses the late-'50s tweed Deluxe as a platform to showcase its patented Sag circuit. This circuit monitors the output signal level and automatically reduces the power supply voltage in proportion to the amount of voltage drop set by the Sag knob. There's also a variable Wattage control that lowers the power by reducing the voltage delivered to the pair of EL84 output tubes. Wide-open-settings let you pummel the single Celestion Alnico Blue G12 with about 15 watts, and the lowest setting chops the power to roughly two watts. Thanks to a fully regulated power supply, variances in line voltage have no effect on the voltage supplied to the tubes. For low noise, the tube filaments also receive regulated DC voltage. 

Construction. The vinyl-covered pine cabinet houses an extremely heavy-duty, 11-gauge steel chassis. A glass-epoxy turret board secures the audio components, and a glass epoxy PC board grips the complex Sag circuitry. A large torroidal transformer is used for the power supply, and the output transformer is also generously sized for an amp with two EL84s. Hi-fi grade components such as Solen polypropylene power-supply filters, Aeon polypropylene coupling-capacitors, and Roederstein Resista low-noise, metal-film resistors are employed throughout, as are stainless-steel bolts and aero-type lock nuts. 

Tones. Looking for infinite and expressive sustain? You've come to the right place. Even at low volumes, the Zeeta excels at producing a singing sustain that evokes the nuance and dynamic sensitivity of much larger British amps. With the pre-amp boost engaged (via the push/pull tone knob) it can replicate bold, Billy Gibbons-like grind. There's plenty to bottom chunk, and the mid to high registers are exceptionally expressive. The Zeeta loves to burn, and though it cleans up well when you lower your guitar volume, it's too aggressive for clean jazz or country playing. 

The Zeeta's Wattage control provides a musically effective means of limiting the volume, and the Sag circuit is truly remarkable in its ability to produce big-amp sustain, sensitivity, and response at very low volumes. It's like having a continuously variable selection of rectifier tubes, and it's definitely one of the most innovative circuit features ever used in a guitar amp." 

* Zeeta 0.5->20 and 0.5>30 Gold (The Finest Zeeta Models) 
* self-biasing - accepts EL84 power tubes
* over-the-top audiophile components and build quality

Brand: Maven Peal

Model: Zeeta 0.5>20 Gold

Watt: 1/2 to 20 True Variable Watts

Rectifier: Maven Peal Sag Control - Variable

Front panel: Channel 1 Input, Channel 2 Input, Channel 1 Volume, Channel 2 Volume, Tone with Pull Boost, Variable Sag Control, Variable Wattage Control, Power and Standby Switches

Back panel: Speaker Outputs, Fuse

Class type: A

Number of Channels: 2

Master volume: No

Power Tubes: EL84

Number of Power tubes: 2

Preamp Tubes: 12AX7

Number of Preamp tubes: 2

Circuit Type: P-T-P

Built in Power attenuator: No - Amp Has Maven Peal True Variable Wattage Control (1/2 to 20 watts)

Cabinet Type: 1X12 Finger Jointed Soild Pine Combo

Speakers: Celestion Alnico Blue

Cab Color: Custom Burgundy

Grill cloth option: Custom Burgandy with White Piping

Sales Price: List: $3,550 - Call For Our Best Price

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