Mojave Scorpion

Modeled after its big brother the Peacemaker, Mojave Ampworks has made the ultimate 50 watt dream amp a reality. No shortcuts, no compromise. The Scorpion 50 watt with Power Dampening breaks boundaries on clean headroom, tone and flexibility. The Scorpion makes it possible to truly harness big guitar amp tone from a smaller package. The goal of getting the Mojave Scorpion to sound like a 100 watt power amp meant taking a close look at the output transformer, since it lies at the heart of the tone in the amp. 50 and 100 watt output transformers are made very differently and therefore sound uniquely different. There is a distinct difference in character between the 50 and 100 watt amplifiers. These differences can be traced back to the output transformers as well. In order for Mojave Ampworks to truly offer a 50 watt model that acted and sounded like a 100 watt amp, we needed to design an output transformer that was designed exactly like the 100 watt but made to work with only two power tubes rather then four. This means creating a much physically larger transformer with much greater power handling capacity which is exactly what the Scorpion has. The Scorpion output transformer is capable of handling more then triple its 50 watt application. A major improvement in reliability is the result. In addition the Scorpion output transformer offers tonal character simply not available in other 50 watt amplifiers. This upgraded transformer makes the Scorpion a one of a kind.

Power Dampening is a unique feature that allows infinite power levels to be selected. With the Scorpion you can dial in anywhere between the maximum 50 watt to the minimum 3 watt output. If you need to get a full throttle overdrive tone, but at a volume you can play at home, then you can select the power or volume level that works best for you and still get the same tone you had with the amp cranked up.

Brand: Mojave

Model: Scorpion

Watt: 50

Rectifier: Solid State

Front panel: Bass, Low Mid, High Mid, Treble, Bass Volume, Treble Volume

Back panel: Power Dampening, Line Out, 16 & 8 Ohm Spealer Outputs

Class type: AB

Number of Channels: 2

Master volume: No

Power Tubes: EL34

Number of Power tubes: 2

Preamp Tubes: 12AX7

Number of Preamp tubes: 4

Circuit Type: P-T-P

Direct out: Line Out

Built in Power attenuator: Power Dampening

Cabinet Type: Head / 2X12 Combo

Speakers: Celestion G12H30

Cab Color: Black

Grill cloth option: Mojave

Measurements: L = 20.25” x W = 8.75” x H = 9.5”

Weight: 32 lbs

Sales Price: $2,549

Rental Price: $125 Per Day or $500 Per Week