Mojave Sidewinder

The SideWinder is built with a 30 watt power amplifier offering a greater degree of clean headroom for the player who requires as much in dynamic range as they do in great tone. Built with Mojave AmpWorks exclusive current tracking technology, the SideWinder sports crisper tone than conventional amps in its class. A classic power amp section that is cathode biased creates a symphony of color and chime that is rich in harmonic content. Cathode biased amps are well known for their touch sensitive character and sweetness. Nothing demonstrates this better than the SideWinder, as it captures all of the great tones players look for in an amp of this class. 

A product of experience, the SideWinder is built with (4)-EL84 output power tubes, (1)-GZ34 rectifier tube and (3)-12AX7 preamp tubes. With this tube compliment and design, there are many classic sounds that can be conjured up when this amp is put to the test. Available in multiple configurations including head and extention cab, 1x12 combo, and 2x12 combo package, the SideWinder can be adapted to work in many situations. Without missing a beat the user can move from a sweet chime laden tone to a full on raging overload.

Power Dampening is a unique feature that allows infinite power levels to be selected. With the SideWinder you can dial in anywhere between the maximum 30 watt to the minimum 2 watt output. If you need to get a full throttle overdrive tone, but at a volume you can play at home, then you can select the power or volume level that works best for you and still get the same tone you had with the amp cranked up. 

Brand: Mojave

Model: SideWinder

Watt: 30

Rectifier: GZ34 (5AR4)

Front panel: Power Dampening, Tone, Bass Volume, Treble Volume, Mid Switch

Back panel: Line Out, 8 & 16 Ohm Speaker Outputs

Class type: A

Number of Channels: 2

Master volume: No

Power Tubes: EL84

Number of Power tubes: 4

Preamp Tubes: 12AX7

Number of Preamp tubes: 3

Circuit Type: P-T-P

Direct out: Line Out

Built in Power attenuator: Power Dampening

Cabinet Type: Head, 1X12 Combo, 2X12 Combo

Speakers: Celestion G12H30 (Other Celestions Including Alnico Blue Are Optional)

Cab Color: Black

Grill cloth option: Mojave

Measurements: Head: L 20.25” x W 8.75” x H 9.5”, 1x12 Combo: L 24” x W 10” x H 21.5”, 2x12 Combo: L 29” x W 10” x H 21.5”

Weight: Head: 22lbs, 1x12 Combo: 44lbs, 2x12 Combo: 62lbs

Sales Price: Head - $2,299, 1X12 Combo - $2,409, 2X12 Combo - $2,629 (call for price of Celestion Alnico Blue speaker upgrade)

Rental Price: Head - $125 Per Day or $500 Per Week, Combo - $150 Per Day or $600 Per Week