two rock opal

The Opal is the most revealing instrument in the Two-Rock family. This amp is extremely dynamic, featuring a very fast response, incredible touch sensitivity, and famous Two-Rock tonal versatility for the discriminating artist and weekend warrior/tone freak alike! The dual-mode lead channel offers 2 independent lead voicings, offering the slightly more compressed lead tone(eq adjustments internal) of our classic Two-Rock amps, as well as the more open singing lead of the Custom. It all started when K&M was invited to a boutique amp shootout in Northern California earlier this year. We brought two amps. One was our production line Emerald Pro along with a new prototype Bill Krinard (our never stop energizer designer) built from scratch on a short aluminum chassis affectionately referred to as The "Wood" Amp. The name is in reference to its enclosure, which is a cabinet grade, finger jointed, figured maple head cabinet, and for its refined organic tone. Different Tubes, different design, just different enough to blow everyone away! We were up against the best of the best and The Wood Amp was the secret sauce everyone talked about. Bill is always searching for something new, he constantly runs into the thick of our day with "Hey guys! Check this out!" We can hardly get anything done! But what an amp! He nailed it to the wall with authority. Never stop, Bill! What we learned from that one of a kind amazing amp has been integrated into our newest model- the Opal. Bill likes to call the OPAL "the wireless amp". The reason is this: he has removed 75 percent of the wire needed to run an amp of this complexity by wiring the components DIRECTLY to their destination. This would be equal to changing from a 45 foot cord to having your guitar hardwired to the input of your amp! Then think of what would happen inside an amp! YOU have to hear this amp! This amp is fast, articulate with no harshness, smooth without being wimpy. Wider dynamic range, more sensitivity, more TONE! A new enhanced active and buffered post-return tube effects loop that is intregal to the tone and response of the amp, you have to hear this! The OPAL is available in a limited quantity and only comes in a 50 watt 6L6GC 12AX7 format.

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