VHT 292 Power Amp

VHT was built on the reputation of their outstanding instrument amplifier designs. When they announced the release of two new compact power amps, the response was immediate and enthusiastic.

The Two/Ninety/Two power amp has proven itself to be the standard for tube power performance in its size and class. With 90-plus watts per channel in two rack spaces, it utilizes the same circuit design as the Twenty One Fifty power amp in a compact and lightweight (for a tube amp) package. Don't let its size fool you. This little monster packs a punch. With a pair of KT88 power tubes per channel (interchangeable with 6550s) you'll hear wide open, dynamic delivery, powerfull bottom-end response and not a hint of tubbiness or mush.

Brand: VHT Amplification

Model: Two/Ninety/Two Power Amplifier

Watt: 95 Per Channel (2 channels - 190 watts total)

Front panel: Independent Volume, Presence, Depth, Voice Switches, and Standby Switches for each Stereo Channel, Fan Speed Switch, Power Switch, Fuses, Handles

Back panel: Input jacks, Output Jacks,Fan, Low Power Switch

Class type: AB

Number of Channels: 2

Power Tubes: KT88

Number of Power tubes: 4

Circuit Type: PCB

Half power switch: Low Power Switch (60 instead of 95 watts per channel)

Cabinet Type: Rack Mount Metal

Cab Color: Silver

Sales Price: List: $1,595 - Call For Our Best Price