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VHT Pittbull 45

Country, Jazz and Blues styles all share common roots and express a purity of form that demands a special kind of amplifier. So when VHT set out to design an amp for traditional players, they knew they would have to do more than hang a "Blues" tag or stick a nifty new switch onto an existing design. It would take ingenuity and uncommon commitment. With that philosophy in mind (and unrelenting input from local players with the ears and chops to back it up), they went to work. The result is an amp that was chosen as the winner of Guitar Player magazine's 50 Watt Shoot out in the mid priced amp catagory.

"The VHT Pittbull¨ Forty-Five easily gobbled the middle zone gold. This pint-sized predator's gnarly and inspired blues-rock tones simply chewed up most of its competition -- including some in the top-buck category."

With its Tube Rectifier, meticulously dialed head room, and lush reverb, the Forty-Five does equal justice to stock single coil pickups as well as vintage humbuckers.

The Pitbull 45 has it all: 2 channels with independent EQ, mode and boost switches; Class A or AB mode; Effects loop with series or parallel modes, mix control and footswitchable bypass; full-featured footswitch, and more. This is the amp that will make you fall in love with playing all over again.

Brand: VHT Amplification

Model: Pittbull 45

Watt: 45 (Class AB) or 30 (Class A)

Rectifier: GZ34 (5AR4)

Front panel: Hi and Lo Inputs, Volume and Tone Controls for Channel 1, Gain, Volume and Tone Controls for Channel 2 , Boost & Mode Switches, Master Volume, Power and Standby Switches

Back panel: Class A/AB Switch, Impedance Selector, Speaker Outs, Line Out , Footswitch Jack, Effects Loop (Jacks, Switches and Level Control), Reverb Control

Class type: A or AB

Number of Channels: 2 Channels With Internal Switching, Independent EQ, Independent Boost Modes and Multifunction Footswitch

Master volume: Yes

Power Tubes: EL84

Number of Power tubes: 4

Preamp Tubes: 12AX7

Number of Preamp tubes: 5

Circuit Type: PCB

Reverb: Tube Driven 3-Spring Reverb

Effect loop: Parallel or Series With Effects Mix (Parallel) or Efects Level (Series)

Direct out: Line Out

Cabinet Type: Head, 1X12 Combo, 2X12 Combo

Speakers: VHT Pitbull Speakers

Cab Color: Black

Grill cloth option: Black

Sales Price: List: Head - $1,895, 1X12 Combos - $2,195, 2X12 Combo - $2,295 (Call For Our Best Price )