VHT Valvulator Preamp

The Valvulator™ GP3 guitar preamp is a vacuum tube, two space, rack mount, Very Low Power Guitar Amplifier featuring 3 Fully Independent Channels, each with separate sets of tone controls, Six-Band Graphic EQ, low-level Pedal Effects Loop/Aux/Tuner Send, Cabinet Simulator/Recording Output, Amp/Live Output, standard quarter inch phone and Balanced XLR outputs, Remote Device Switching, and MIDI control of Channel switching, EQ, Effects Loop, Remote Device Switching and global tone shaping pushbuttons (Brite, Edge, Fat, Boost and EQ).

Five Selected 12AX7 preamp tubes are used in the gain and tone shaping stages, and one 12AX7 tube is employed in the low impedance, low power output stage.

Many years of intense effort have gone into every aspect of the design of this groundbreaking new product from the stacked grained aluminum front panels with matching machined knobs to the proprietary output circuitry which precisely emulates the behavior of a cranked low power amplifier.

Brand: VHT Amplification

Model: Valvulator Rack Mount Guitar Preamp

Watt: Pre Amp

Front panel: Input & Aux Out Jacks, Independent Controls For 3 Channels - (Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass); Selectable Gain Boost Control, Hi Gain & Deep Switches on Channel 2 &3; Master Volume, Dynamic Control, Function Switches, Graphic EQ

Back panel: Power Switch, Midi Jacks (In, Out & Thru) , Remote Switching Jacks, Outputs (Balanced, Record, Amp and Aux), FX Jacks, Aux Input, Phantom Power In

Number of Channels: 3

Master volume: Yes

Preamp Tubes: 12AX7

Number of Preamp tubes: 6

Circuit Type: PCB

Effect loop: F/X Send and Return

Direct out: Low Level Aux Loop / Tuner Out

Cabinet Type: Rack Mount Metal

Cab Color: Silver

Sales Price: List: $1,595 - Call For Our Best Price