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Pittbull Hundred CL

There's really nothing like sound of a cranked 50-watt amp. The perfect balance of power amp clip and transformer saturation makes your fingers come alive. With the Fifty/CL, we've combined two of our most popular preamp voicings with an EL34 50-watt power package that has rich harmonic saturation, infinite sustain, classic power amp crunch and maximum chord clarity. Seperate tone controls and footswitchable boost modes for each channel provide unparalleled gain and tonal flexibility.

Offering Gain-Stacking™, foot switchable boost and Series/Parallel effect loop, you'll think this is the most feature-packed 50 on the planet. But just to make sure, we've added our new Class A mode switch, Tube Rectifier and 6L6/EL34 switch. And there's more -- an optional, 3 spring Accutronics tube-driven reverb and an optional six band assignable graphic E.Q.

Once you fire up the Fifty/CL, you'll know you've heard the last word in 50-watt glory.

We haven't forgotten about you diehard 100-watt fanatics. Our Hundred/CL has all of the features of the Fifty/CL with power mode and optional twin Tube Rectifiers give maximum dimension to the 100-watt class.

Whether you prefer 6L6 punch or EL34 cruch, the Hundred/CL gives you features, style and unbeatable performance.

Brand: VHT Amplification

Model: Hundred/CL and Fifty/CL

Watt: 100 (100CL) or 50 (50CL)

Rectifier: 50CL - Selectable Solid State or 5U4 Tube Rectifier, 100CL - Solid State or Optional Dual 5U4 Tubes

Front panel: Hi and Lo Inputs, Gain, Volume and Tone Controls for Each Channel, Boost Switches, (Optional Graphic EQ), Master, Power and Standby Switches

Back panel: Power Amp Mode Switches, Impedance Selector, Speaker Outs, Line Out with Level Control, Footswitch Jack, EQ Switch (Optional EQ), Effects Loop (Jacks, Switches and Level Control), Presence, Depth

Class type: 50CL - A or AB (switchable), 100CL - Dual Class Mode allows A, AB or Both

Number of Channels: 2 Channels With Internal Switching, Independent EQ, Independent Boost Modes and Multifunction Footswitch

Master volume: Yes

Power Tubes: EL34

Number of Power tubes: 2 (50CL) or 4 (100CL)

Preamp Tubes: 12AX7

Number of Preamp tubes: 4

Circuit Type: PCB

Effect loop: Parallel or Series With Effects Mix (Parallel) or Efects Level (Series)

Direct out: Variable Line Out

Half power switch: 100CL Has Half Power Mode

Cabinet Type: Head

Cab Color: Black

Grill cloth option: Black

Sales Price: List: 50CL - $2,295, 50CL with EQ - $2,495, 100CL - $2,795, 100CL with EQ - $2,995 ( Call For Our Best Price )