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Pittbull Ultra Lead

The Ultra-Lead is a true state of the art 3-channel tube amplifier offering an array of features and simplicity of operation unique in all of ampdom. The flagships of the Pittbull® line, the Ultra-Lead features Gain-Stacking™ in the Lead and Rhythm channels. Preset your channel gains for subtle, biting clean, robust, chunky rhythm, or searing, pummeling overdrive, then let the footswitch do the rest. The cleanest, quietest effects loop in the world just got better with the addition of a switchable parallel mode. Mix the true amp sound with your favorite effect or process the entire pre-amp signal. The choice is yours. 

Guitar Player Magazine described the Pittbull the best: "The VHT Pittbulls... deliver all the features you expect from a modern rock amp. Super high gain, an intelligent effects loop, bullet-proof construction and super clean tones --- something the others seem happy to ignore." The Ultra-Lead's KT88 power section provides ample clarity and definition in the clean mode as well as in the full-on high gain channels. If more low mid-range punch is your game, just switch the power tubes and experience maximum 6L6 expression.

Guitar World Magazine wrote: "...the well-built, cleanly designed Ultra-Lead is aimed directly at no-excuses professional players... Whether you're after versatility, great tone, or sheer volume, the VHT Pittbull® clearly comes with an equally impressive measure of bark and bite."

For smaller venues, the Dual-Class™ mode offers the choice of Class A, Class A/B or both. Unlike the combination Class A/B-Triode mode employed by others, Dual-Class™ gives you true cathode bias operation on demand. Fat'n honkin in the Half Power mode, or chunky 'n sweet when combined with Class A/B at full power. You'll get more than just a bias change when you switch to 6L6 Pittbull® power. No other production amp gives you both screen current and bias voltage compensation when switching power tubes.

Brand: VHT Amplification

Model: Ultra Lead

Watt: 120

Rectifier: Solid State

Front panel: Hi and Lo Inputs, Gain, Volume and Tone Controls for Channels (channels 2 & 3 share Tone controls), Boost Switches, Graphic EQ, Master, Power and Standby Switches

Back panel: Power Amp Mode Switches, Impedance Selector, Speaker Outs, Line Out with Level Control, Footswitch Jack, EQ Switch (Optional EQ), Effects Loop (Jacks, Switches and Level Control), Presence, Depth

Class type: Dual Class Mode allows A, AB or Both

Number of Channels: 3 Channels With Internal Switching, Independent EQ on 1&2, Independent Boost Modes and Multifunction Footswitch

Master volume: Yes

Power Tubes: 6550

Number of Power tubes: 2 (MK50H) or 4 (MK100H)

Preamp Tubes: 12AX7 & 12AT7

Number of Preamp tubes: 5

Circuit Type: PCB

Effect loop: Parallel or Series With Effects Mix (Parallel) or Efects Level (Series)

Direct out: Variable Line Out

Half power switch: Half Power Mode

Cabinet Type: Head

Cab Color: Black

Sales Price: List: Ultra Lead with EQ - $3,995 (Call For Our Best Price )